Planned Litters

2019 & 2020

We plan to breed Freyja and Calypso in late 2019-2020.  These pups are starting to be reserved up to 2 years in advance, so it's good to get in touch early.

Both of these girls have thrown gorgeous, loving, and very birdy pups to date.

Successful or not, this will be the last litter for each female; then we'll be looking to future girls to continue the lineage.

Calypso X ???, 2019

(Garrett, retired), Yolo and Riggs have both sired some awesome pups with Calypso.  We're going to give her a break from mom duties, and she should be bred again in the fall of 2019.  Look for her possibly last group of awesome shorthair pups mid-winter, 2019-'20 or late spring 2020.


Freyja X ???, 2020

Freyja has thrown beautiful pups from Riggs and Yolo.  Yolo might be an option for 2020, although we are still on the search from some other great potential dogs.
Stay tuned for final plans!
Her timing makes it likely that pups will be going home in late spring.

Freyja X Yolo, 2019

Freyja X Yolo, 2019


12 very healthy pups born Feb 22, 19.
7 Males / 5 Females.
Freyja always having these big litters, we had a few additional pups available at time of whelp.
They have found the best active, loving, hunting homes to go to, after the short time they are with us.

With 33 awesome GSP pups to date, and back-to-back litters;  Freyja took a bit of a break.  She had a great fall chasing and retrieving chukar; and  hunted right through pregnancy. (nothing like starting pups young!!!)

This is the second, and likely last pairing of Freyja to Yolo.  If all works, we will be keeping a female ourselves out of this awesome cross; and then looking to other studs for diversity next year.

Get in touch if you'd like to reserve a pup from future litters.


Started Dog, "Oakley"

2017 Pup, Calypso X Yolo Litter


Born in April, 2017,  Oakley is a loving pup, ready for his forever home.  Back with us after unfortunate first year.

He hasn't had the bird training we'd like to see by 1 year old, and he has some young life scarring to get by.  It's going to take a lot of love and patience, but he is worth it and will return in kind.

When Oakley first returned, he was a wild child!  Not very good dog manners, a fear of other dogs, and many reported skin/allergy issues.

With a stable routine, security and structure; he's come a long ways in a few short months!

Great dog manners, very attentive and responsive guy.  He's accepted our entire pack, and is getting to know and tolerate other dogs well; most of his fears are behind him.  He's transitioned onto our standard food, put on 20lbs and grown a beautiful coat.  Any sign of allergies are long gone.

Oakley moved on to his forever home; a loving and active family with one of our 3 year old GSP's and three very active children.  He's doing great, and we couldn't be happier!

Started Dog, "Capone"

2017 Pup, Freyja X Riggs Litter


Capone is a gorgeous Shorthair Pup, returned to us after 9 months with his new owner.  We are so thankful that his first owner had the self awareness to realize that there was not enough time, space and attention currently available to a young shorthair.

He was another dog that came in with a shortage of dog manners.  Capone was able to adapt to our pack and rules in an incredible hurry.  He has an affinity for 'hunting' the rabbits and birds around our place, and is a natural retriever.

Capone journeyed to his forever home in Northern Idaho.  With a young, active family; he is renamed, and the permanent 'shadow' to his new dad.  He's already been on many hunt training adventures, and will be joining his sister in the field and on the chukar hills this fall.

Many well wishes for future, and a lot of love!

Calypso X Riggs, 2018


With only 3 pups, this litter was disappointingly small.  A lot of folks now waiting for 2019 litters for their next hunting companion; ourselves included!

Pups themselves have not disappointed.  Two BIG males and one female with a big motor.  All three dogs should be hitting birds well this fall.

With both parents being long and tall, at the larger end of the breed; these will be some BIG DOGS!  We expect these pups to cover ground with ease, while still working close and hunting as a team.  They should also be thorough brush busters for those tight holding, early season roosters.

Most were reserved before the pairing was made, we'll see how many pups we get and if there will be any more available.



Freyja X Yolo, 2018


Another 11 Gorgeous Shorthairs.  This girl throws BIG litters!

Most pups reserved quite a ways in advance, these pups are all spoken for and going home in March, '18.  Look for updates on future Freyja or Yolo pups.

After two beautiful litters to date, we're trying Freyja out with Yolo from Chippewa Kennels.  Yolo's sired one litter with RRK pups and several elsewhere.
The pairings been made, and after finishing most of bird season; pups will be due in late January and going home in March.
Very trainable and biddable dogs, with strong nose and plenty of drive are what we're looking for here and expect to achieve.  These pups should be mid-range hunters with powerful drive.


Re-Homing, "Ginger"

Not a River Rein Kennels dog.


This one year old female GSP is spayed, and current on her shots.  She is a sweet, loving girl, that currently lives to play fetch, swim in the lake, and check the property perimeter.

Currently living in Stanwood, WA; I've met her and think she's a great pup.  She's a typical shorthair, and therefor FAR to much energy for the gentlemen that ended up with her.

No registration papers or known lineage; we're helping to find her the right fit in a 'forever home'.  In my opinion, she'll make a wonderful companion for an active, outdoors family; and may have some strong hunting potential.

Started Dog, "Bennett"

2017 Pup, Calypso X Yolo Litter


Born in April, 2017,  Bennett is a loving pup, ready for his forever home.  He came back to us after just a few months when his first family wasn't quite ready for that GSP fire again.

While he had not been exposed to hunting over the summer, we've immediately put him on training birds, and he's joined us on several days of wild chukar hunting now.  The instinct is obviously there, and he now loves birds!  Continue to get this guys some repetitions, and he'll be a strong gun dog by next season.

This pup did spend over a month at 'training camp' for obedience training.  It shows.  He is a well mannered boy, quick learner and eager to please.

Bennett has a big motor and covers some ground.  Like a typical GSP, plan to exercise him hours of every day when not hunting.
He's grown up with other dogs, children and lots of people.  Very well socialized, he'll want to be part of a pack or with his people.

He is offered for sale to the right home as an un-finished hunter.  Value and price will continue to increase as his training progresses.
Please get in touch if your interested in learning more about this driven young hunting dog!


Freyja X Riggs, 2017

Repeat Litter

Freyja and Riggs were both tried out as first time parents last year.  The results were fantastic!
Riggs is a GORGEOUS, big, blocky Liver dog.  Hard charging and soft mouthed.  A great compliment to Freyja's close in working range.  These dogs combine speed and distance with close in biddable nature.

A lot of natural talent with the eagerness to learn and train.

Too good to not repeat, there will be a fun mix of solid liver and roan dogs.

Pairing expected to be made in March, pups going home in July 2017.


Calypso X Yolo, 2017

5 gorgeous GSP pups born April 11, 2017.  They'll make 5 hunting families very happy!  Watch for more pups in the next '17 litter, or get in line now for next years' dogs.

As great as the Calypso X Garrett pups were/are; Howard Meyer (Chippewa Kennels) calls Yolo "The best dog I've ever produced".  From the time I've spent with him, I am also very impressed.

These will be some great bird dogs!

Started Dog, "Hawkeye"

2016 Pup, Calypso X Garrett Litter


Born in March, 2016,  Hawkeye has had one of the best starts to dog socialization a pup can get.  This guy loves everyone!
He is eager to please, very attentive, and his standard obedience is excellent.
His early hunting training focused on blood tracking for big game, and a lot of retrieving.  Hawkeye picked up everything as fast as the best GSP's; and tracked & located a 12hr lost Blacktail during WA Archery season at just 6 months old!
He has had a strong introduction to birds this fall; with dozens of reps on live pigeons and pheasant on the training grounds, and many days in the field hunting wild pheasant, quail and chukar. (both solo and team hunts)
He has a strong nose and hunting drive, and a solid stylish point.  His retrieving and swimming are still works in progress, but he is picking that up fast.
Hawkeye is a very typical German Shorthaired Pointer.  Plenty of energy and hunting drive, with a personality to make him a great family dog as well.  We would certainly be keeping him for ourselves if our string wasn't already filled out!
He's grown up with other dogs and lots of people; so the ideal family for him will be one with established dogs and lots of people time.

Value and price will continue to increase as his training progresses.
Please get in touch if your interested in learning more about this driven young hunting dog!